• Step 1

    Create Company Profile

    Register and create company profile, with hiring decision makers, agree to the hiring process, steps, and communication channels to be used. Kickoff & project charter.

  • Step 2

    Identify & Post hiring need

    Post job requirements including special qualifications and experience required from a candidate. HR Manager Post job with us and Account Manager is allocated to the company.

  • Step 3

    JD & planning analysis

    We understand Job Description and recruitment plan with timeline, criteria for initial candidate screening, selection committee, interview questions, and the agreed-upon job requirements form the basis for the job description

  • Step 4


    Other necessary information includes essential functions to be performed in the role and the advantages of working for the company (i.e., workplace environment, compensation and benefits, perks, etc.).

  • Step 5


    Implementing creative recruiting strategies and have a strategy to attract the best cultural fits. Use right and niche job boards to Post jobs to an extensive community. Use Platform to optimize your hiring time.

  • Step 6

    Post and promote job openings

    The job listing is advertised on platform so ace recruiters and direct candidates can apply and make referrals. Other avenues for promotion are the company’s website, online job boards, social media.

  • Step 7


    Assigned ace Recruiters find and connect with the high-quality talent you seek. Applicant Tracking Software to make the application, interview and overall hiring processes transparent and simple to manage. The hiring Recruiters seek out qualified potential candidates who are best fit to job.

  • Step 8

    Applicant screening

    All job applications received via an applicant tracking system (ATS), AM reviews and does initial candidate screening of résumés/CVs based on agreed JD.. Unqualified candidates’ applications are withdrawn from the applicant pool, Qualified are shared with company.

  • Step 9

    Company Screening

    HR with Technical screens resumes and CV’s and shortlist. Shortlisted candidates are informed of next steps beginning with a screening interview.

  • Step 10


    AM coordinates with HR & candidates in the interviewing stages and process of the Job. Initial interviews with applicants are typically on phone calls, then Video, then F2F with technical / Team Lead / HR representatives.

  • Step 11

    Selection & Decision

    The hiring team confers and evaluates applicants based on the interviews, a top choice zeroed in and list of backup candidate selection is also made, as well. If no candidates meet the hiring criteria, the hiring process should start over.

  • Step 12


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