Women Gig Economy:Possibilities and Work-Life Balance

Does Online Recruitment Marketplace transform women’s life?

Yes, Online Recruitment marketplace has Possibilities and Work-Life Balance. Today’s women Gig economy is closing the gender gap through technology and social commitment.  Workforce irrespective of age, gender, profession and geographies is joining the freelance bandwagon. The reality is that the women gig economy is here to stay and continue to grow. In India, the women freelancing community has grown significantly, making India one of the largest contributors to the freelancing workforce. 

Online Recruitment platform Offer on-ramps for women returning to work, Create a sense of belonging. Builds confidence in her abilities. Managers and leads should cultivate a community of supportive peers.

A PayPal survey indicated, “48% of the freelancers using PayPal were women”.

Issues of  Women at work, now and into the future?  

One thing is clear: employers will need to do more for closing the gender gap through philanthropy and corporate social responsibility when hiring female talent. Job Opportunity for women needs to be increased – Women need to be treated equally as men – Sexual harassment needs to be stopped – Health issue for women needs to be resolved – Private Sectors should consider equal facilities for women as in Government jobs – Family support and believe is needed to encourage working women

The current (9-5) workplace has generally been designed for a male career; a woman stays at home, manage home affairs and handles all last minute caregiver issues.  Three key factors emerge as the most preferred employer traits by which the modern generation choose to build their careers:

1) Opportunities for career progression,

2) Competitive wages, and

3) a culture of flexibility and work-life balance.

Security, safety, and certainty were once the main criteria for any women in choosing a career. With flexible hours and the opportunity to work on one’s own terms, women workforce in freelancing has gained tremendous popularity in recent years

Women Gig Economy

Hiring and promotion will be crucial to progress

Every employer is subconsciously worried about hiring a 25-45-year-old woman, who will likely to have a family, Kids at some point and more so a  working spouse, we will not see much change in women upliftment, till we see increased wages for women, nor will we see more women in executive positions.  That is why women are not hired, promoted, or paid at the same rate as men.  It is not because they are not qualified; it is because the employer is concerned about the other parts of her life affecting her work product. Thus women Gig economy and freelancing decision become less of a choice than a necessity. Own the flexibility and challenges. If you haven’t tried freelancing yet, get-up-and-go for it. It might be time you started working and grow yourself.

The shift in the workplace

In the past women were just seen as caring for the home but, with time, women professionals felt the pressing need to do more than one job, from anywhere and follow their passion and choose the GIG economy. Women now are starting to achieve greater job opportunities that were once only held by men.  Working women bring work-life balance in family and 58% provide half or more of the household income. Women working from home are a great contributor to gig economy across the world and earning grows each year.

Online Recruitment Marketplace is our platform to give work flexibility to women, our HR processes, have the potential to succeed in delivering gender inclusive recruitment. Gender diversity can be bridged through technology; Online Recruitment Marketplace is innovative ways in which we can drive gender equality in our society where there will no longer be a need to level the playing field.

HR Cliqué Online Recruitment Marketplace is built for woman empowerment; our organizational philosophy is to be “diverse and inclusive” talent organization with a commitment to transparency and fair pay. We believe in encouraging equality and empower women. Where everyone has the opportunity to contribute and achieve success at HR Cliqué.

The fact is, while technology extends our capabilities as human beings, unfortunately it can’t, eradicate our biases and prejudices. Let’s focus on the Power of Parity, aim to drive gender balance across the world – as gender parity benefits everyone and builds better societies. Think equal, build smart, and innovate for change, if you don’t like something, work towards changing it. Let’s make a collective effort in driving a gender-balanced world.