Time to Start Engaging HR Recruiters in Real Time

HR Cliqué Online Marketplace for recruitment is open to companies and recruiters all over the world. Work with awesome global companies and independent recruiters, like an extension of the team. You can work with awesome global companies as an extension of their team and companies get independent dedicated expert recruiters for fast completion of work. In today’s fierce talent acquisition market, companies need new, innovative tools to attract candidates, work faster and smarter to reduce Time-to-Fill.  HR Cliqué process is simple, streamlined, and recruiters deliver the perfect match. With us, you can plan your workforce with agility and confidence.

Recruiters in real time
How it works for Employer

Register with HR Cliqué, a completely confidential & transparent online platform, post your hiring needs, and you get a dedicated account manager, personal support from our team of HR experts, to initiate conversations on strategic Job Posts. Your account manager engages with multiple candidates for the end-to-end process in real time.

Recruiters in real time
How it works for Recruiters

Your Account Manager job-cast the requirement to selected, suitable ace recruiters and Job is given to best experienced, verified recruiters with higher response rates. Recruiters reach candidates wherever they are, in real-time. Account Manager receives a response from recruiters, reviews, filter and submits screened candidates to the company. Account Manager, company’s recruitment team and interviewing panel tracks, control and manages to hire funnel in Real-Time dashboard metrics of shortlisting, interview scheduling and selection of candidates. 

Recruiters in real time
Difference between Traditional and Online Recruitment

Augment your recruitment needs with HR Cliqué an Intelligent Recruitment with, highly accurate, integrated, searching, parsing, and matching profile solutions. 

Find the best. Find them fast. Find them first.

Enhance your recruitment! HR Cliqué Online Marketplace is Flexible and powerful for companies. It’s Professional and engaging for Recruiters.