Online Recruiting: Redesigning Workplace

Online Recruitment Marketplace is no afterthought to us. HR Cliqué is a flexible workforce and lean technology platform manages end to end recruitment for organizations. HR Cliqué flexible workforce, lean technology, and online recruiting platform manage end to end recruitment for organizations.  We leverage our vast experience in recruitment, stringent quality management processes and power-packed technology systems. We bring the entire recruiting community, together for unprecedented reach and exposure.

Recruiting is a people-centric business and a Productive Platform. We keep the human touch in online recruiting by first sourcing from our awesome community of expert recruiters and then routing all applicants through our internal team of recruiting professionals.

Get registered to enjoy a simple and modern hiring experience with on the go updates and frequent improvements needed to succeed in one handy resource. It’s easy to get your team up and running with HR Cliqué. Our easy and responsive registration gets you rolling.

Online recruiting

HR Cliqué is for the Business and with the business for hiring talents to succeed. We want organizations to focus on their mission and us managing the hiring needs with cost optimization.  As an ideal partner, we empower your talent needs to maximize efficiency, improve productivity – at no additional cost. Discover online hiring potential with the Ace Recruiters.

•          Save hours managing your recruitment need

•          Seamless recruitment Monitoring

•          Real-Time Summary Dashboards, Candidate Shortlist, track Hiring and manage on the go.

•          Dedicated Relationship Coordinator step-by-step Monitoring and assistance

•          Quickly set up updates and Notifications for peace of mind

•          Receive alert notifications through Slack or email

Let us know your job positions with priority status. Our dedicated Relationship Coordinator assists and does step-by-step Monitoring and assistance to understand your requirements and corporate culture, mission, vision, and values help recruiters in the transparent recruitment process.

After you sign up, go to employer section and click HOW IT WORKS for employers, just post your job and get connected to your dedicated Relationship Coordinator through a dedicated dashboard, which is designed for all your hiring need.

Online recruiting
How Its Works for Employer

The unmatched power of online recruitment system in one click broadcasts your job to a vast network of matched recruiters. Selected top recruiters show interest and compete for your jobs. HR Cliqué acts as your SPOC (Relationship Coordinator) Dedicated support at your fingertips and handles all communication with recruiters and candidates. Your Job post gets full coverage from our recruiting professionals. Our Broad network of recruiters and professionals delivers applicants to you quickly.

Get a shortlist of the profiles, view, and reviews these profiles, Shortlist-interview- finalize and pick whom you want to work with. All top ones applications are reviewed efficiently to ensure quality before sending.  You only see quality candidates. This saves stacks of your time and we ensure that you’re hiring the right candidate for the role. We aspire for genuine assurance of delivery on all placements.

Recruiters submit a registration form to join our platform and we screen their applications and hold a phone screen, this gives us an opportunity to get know each other better with their experience and domain expertise before approving their account. One of our team will be in touch within three working days to let you know the outcome of your application. If successful, a Relationship Coordinator gets connected to the recruiter for work and offerings. We have a wide range of expert recruitment professionals for most job roles. Some of the more popular job categories are technology, sales, marketing, finance, HR and administration. Recruiters can access HOW IT WORKS for recruiter page, in recruiters section.

Online recrruiting
How Its Work for Recruiters

Centralized Dashboard: Live updates, continuous conversation and feedback’s on the go.

A dedicated real-time agile dashboard designed for company and recruiters to See details of open positions, vacancies, candidates in the process and pending offers as soon as you log in. Recruitment pipeline can be obtained at all points of time, organize and prioritize your projects in a flexible and rewarding way. Real-time communication updated information and enables you to work more collaboratively. Simple and easy setup creating a job, reviewing applicants or coordinating activities and communications for providing and receiving direct feedback, Utilise real-time dashboards. Drive effective decision-making, review tailored reports on the go.

Online recruiting

HR Cliqué online recruitment software offers a cutting-edge platform for Employer and Recruiters and can work together with recruitment teams across locations on a common platform. Low flat fees are driven by a sharing model. Employer and recruiter share a centralized dashboard with relationship coordinator as a single point of contact for all communication. Our prime focus is delivery on all placements. We ensure job distribution and participating expert recruiters continuously uplift the platform as a mobile-friendly interface.

•          Collaborate Easily

•          Streamlined Hiring Process

•          Dedicated Centralized Dashboard

•          Increased no of freelance Recruiters

•          Gain Visibility through Reports

•          Control your Recruitment Processes

•          Reduce Cost

HR Cliqué supports the hiring of permanent employees or employees you would like to hire on a hfixed term contract. We also support the hiring of the contract to hire through our associate company.

HR Cliqué is completely free to join and use. Our pricing varies account to account and depends on the client organizations and the number of hiring. We only generate revenue when the employer pays a fee and we retain our share as per agreement was done with recruiters.

The minimum fee for an employer can set as 8.33 % per hiring of the first-year salary. To know more, please get in touch with our sales team at [email protected] our representative will get in touch with you within 24 business hours.

Recruitment has been an important process all throughout for organisations. The emergence of online recruitment system has helped the HR fraternity to excel in recruitment processes to a great extent. Technology applications are evolving it further; HR Cliqué endeavor that HR processes are streamlined and simplified even more in the benefit of Employer and Recruiters.