Freelance Recruiter A Better Career Path

Freelance Recruiter role is not only challenging but also exciting since the profession is fast-moving, target driven impressively grandiose and demanding.

  • Do you feel bound by shackles and chains as a recruiter in this job-seekers market?
  • Do you feel locked-in to someone else’s old and tired vision of recruitment?
  • you’re being stripped of your liberties & hard time choosing your work area and client?
  • Do you want to achieve your lost grounds and work flexibility?  
  • you feel restricted professional and financial growth as a recruiter?
  • Do you want to be your own boss and control your career path?

If yes, it’s time for you to break free of the mundane and begin your freelance recruiter journey. Before you start, visualize your destination. Another principle of management is that you must set goals. You might think you can avoid this step and just get instantly to work. Don’t do it! Think through one-way, what you wish to accomplish or gain —relate to — invest time to dig more in advance to achieve agreed and stable result. 

Recruiting is extremely, if not the most, lucrative job available to people with knowledge of technology, quickly trained and prepare graduates for the workforce. As long as you can read, write, talk to people well, and stand firm, you’ll probably make 5-figure and conduct the best lifestyle of this career. Follow your intuition with passion and all will be well, as recruitment is all about Passion, Potential and People. 

Freelance Recruiter

Online Workplace: The Platform

Going Past Generations – Creating a Flexible and Happy Work-life Balance for All.

While no one disputes that having the right talent in the right role is a make-or-break success factor for any business, most people acknowledge that great people are not easy to find. Thankfully, advancement in workplace pattern and dynamics, AI and Machine learning technology make it possible to find and engage specialty search firms who have proven success in sourcing and recruiting outstanding candidates. HR Cliqué does this through the use of bespoke technology and an experienced team of Recruiters: Technology and TEAM is what empowers you for better results.

As more and more Partaker enter the recruitment marketplace, more data is recorded and acted upon, which constantly improves the experience. This “network effect” helps make conclusive opinion for job-to-recruiter matches more and more authentic. And with the right external recruiters in place, internal team professionals can spend less time on low value administrative tasks and more time focusing on value adding activities such as interviewing candidates and ensuring a great hire/match for each position.

Freelance Recruiter: Passion for What I Do

Maybe we need to rethink the user experience of Online Workplace. With all these stimulating  changes in our industry, it’s important to analyze and ask ourselves critical questions.

  • Do we recruiters willful for success?
  • Are we positioned to take advantage of this transformation?
  • Do we have the right roles in the right places to take an edge and grow our diverse yet matching skills?
  • Do we have the insight of what’s guiding our growth?
  • Do we understand the diverse and unique career paths that play to our spirit and enthusiasm?

A freelance recruiter is basically a consultant who gets engaged by a firm or company to help them find the best possible candidates for the open positions. Recruiter & senior executives (HNI) and specialists, who retired from their corporate jobs and are using their unique business network and knowledge to recruit very rare position, Freelance recruiter is also known as Independent /External recruiters or agency recruiters. They work for numerous and different organizations helping to fill their open positions.  This means that they work for growth and themselves, they don’t work for one set role and company.

Freelance Recruiter works together with hi-tech, forward-thinking companies with latest and cutting-edge technologies where their expertise is truly valued and candidates are grateful to have the opportunity to work with these companies. Freelance Recruiter enjoys working with the IT / Non-IT professionals who care about their careers path, growth and are passionate about what they do and that speak passionately about what they do.

As a Recruiter, we must figure out how to continue to grow the roles of seasoned Freelance Recruiter and become successful (professionally and financially) and we have to plan out possible growth paths for seasoned talent.  We need to do a better job of giving people career paths that match their strengths and capabilities—it’s what we do.

Freelance Recruiter

Freelance recruiter only paid for results

A freelance recruiter does not receive a salary. They receive what is called a recruitment chunk or a placement share. The amount of each placement fee is different as is based upon the candidate’s first-year salary.  The pay scale for a freelance recruiter, in general, will be an on a revenue-sharing model as professional search fees.  Their payment is more like commissioned salespeople. There is virtually no limit to the amount of money they can make with the added advantage of flexibility to work from anywhere, anytime and any duration.

Where and How to Start                                                                                                

Are you ready to spread your wings and fly off into the enormous freedom and immense flexibility of Freelance Recruitment? If you want to be your own boss or work from home or need flexible working hours or you need to upgrade your recruitment skills and then you can get started by registering and Joining HR Cliqué, a family of freelance recruiters. we will give step by step assistance to make your transition into a freelance recruiter as seamless and successful as possible:  If you are a freelance recruiter check out HR Cliqué to learn more on how you can boost your earning immediately without the hassle of finding new clients or recruiters to work with.

Freelance Recruiter

HR Cliqué is coming up with interesting associating models in case you are ready and looking for it. We are building a community just like that, which is based on Technology, Partnership and trust. This online workplace becomes a platform where freelance recruiters can find great jobs to work, develop and grow as Individual Contributors in community. Ultimately, we hope we can help push our discipline forward and wish everybody luck and fortune.

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