Online Workplace Embrace Flexibility

Gig Economy is fueling the transformation in the transforming online workplace and this change will impact your workplace. In this job-seekers market, you can’t afford to do nothing, HR practices and hiring will have to catch-up with changing times. Millennial are increasingly demanding flexible work schedules to achieve a better work-life balance so  is it  time to say Goodbye to the eight-hour workday?

Online Workplace
Get your work life balance right with online workplace

Work flexibility is all about improving work-life balance and be You, Young workers, and other employees, place flexibility first. If you find yourself in a care-giving role, you can search for flexible and remote work opportunities on HR Clique an online workplace and get work with care coverage or self-care.

Online Workplace has evolved because of People need and want of  flexibility for a lot of different reasons. Working moms, people with disabilities, armed forces spouses, trailing spouses people with health problems, caretakers, and people living in rural or economically disadvantaged areas. The caregiver wants to work to bring in an income to meet your obligations. Flexible work options, such as remote jobs, part-time gigs, or flexible schedule positions, can make it much easier for this type of workforce.

Flexible working arrangements and scheduling that millennial enjoy are:

Telecommuting:  The opportunity to work from home or from a convenient, remote location as needed.

Part-time schedule:  A scenario in which an employee works fewer set hours, or is allowed to select different hours each week.

Flexible schedule:  The employee may work full- or part-time, but the hours are based on core times and flexible time bands.

 Alternative schedule:  Working outside the typical nine-to-five schedule, typically to accommodate  other responsibilities.

 Freelance work:  Taking on projects as a self-employed individual without being held to a strict schedule.

Online Workplace
Why millennial desire better work life balance?

Companies will have to radically evolve their value proposition to attract and retain this group of Millennial. Companies evaluate the tasks that employees perform and decide if flexibility can be incorporated into operations and jobs. This way companies become more preferential and appealing to millennial job seekers.

Freelance or remote workers love their jobs and are more productive. Flexible work arrangements save cost of employers making online workplace a win-win place for employees and employers. Work flexibility also makes it easier to hire and retain a diverse workforce.